We think of cities as places full of life, always active, and never sleeping. Frankly, it looks like cities never take a break. Yet if you are lucky enough to go off the beaten track you’ll find a marvelous town that is the exact reverse of this, turning into a small, silent, piece of Heaven on Earth.

the town that stood still in china glitch veil.png

In the Shengsi Archipelago a town which way back used to be populated by more than 3,000 souls is now empty. More than that, the Green Mother took it back as its own. Everything is now covered with her skin.

How long did it take for this to happen? Not that much, apparently. The village was abandoned some 20 years ago for reasons that are somewhat unclear for visitors to the island. Some unexplained disappearances were described in the local media back in the day but apparently no one thoroughly investigated what happened.

What is certain is that the mood on the island is peaceful and not in any way gloomy, dark or indicative in any way of a haunted place. In fact, the place may be better described as the opposite of a haunting: a place that so sacred and imbued with something higher making visitors to describe “a lot of good vibes” that it feels unworthy to have the daily basic human affairs take place in its boundaries.

The way the Earth took it back, not by destroying it or collapsing the buildings, but by simply making it as green and natural as it could be done while at the same time keeping it in the recognizable form of a human town, is indicative of the numinous transformation – or maybe just discovery – that took place 20 years ago on this far-away island.


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