“I’ll do that later“, you tell yourself every so often. You may think that you’ve got it all sorted and you can safely do it at another time. Yet this is the greatest illusion.

glitch veil time albert einstein.png

The standard view of time with the present happening now, the past set in stone and the future yet unwritten is false. Albert Einstein called this only a “stubbornly persistent illusion”.

The truth is that the present, past and future are already in existence – truly, they always were and forever will be. The universe is a four-dimensional block in which every moment of time already exists, just like every location already exists right now.

How can this help you in your daily life? Some people see this as a depressing fact, reminding them too much of fatalism: if the future is already there, what difference does it make if I do this or that?

That is actually a really important question, but it stems from a misunderstanding. Every moment in time is connected to the others through a ramifying nexus. The connections are always logical or at least intuitive. Imagine your shock if you’d be in a snowy forest and one inch in front of you, clearly cut, an arid, burning desert would start. That would be crazy!

The same is for locations in time. Do you think you can have in your future that one desire fulfilled but you’re not doing anything for that at this very moment? It’s like you’re expecting to see a desert one inch after a snowy forest somewhere in this world. The universe just doesn’t work that way.

Now you know all that you need to truly get that which you desire: the future already happened. What is the past for that future? Does it look like the present now? If it doesn’t, you now know what to do:

Transform your precious Present right now into the natural Past of the Future you wish to admire one day!


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