Forget everything you’re told about passports right now.

We’re taught that the world is a clearly defined place, with borders and nations. This is becoming increasingly a thing of the past. There’s just one passport you need.

passport and map secret.png

Maybe you’ll say: but what about the so-called Trump travel ban? We must understand that there are greater forces at work here. Yes, forces greater even than the Leader of the Free World, the POTUS. These forces can be glimpsed at times – some of you already know them or you have a hunch of what they are. The essential thing to bear in mind is that these greater forces of globalization will not stop until we will all be cosmopolitans, in the original Ancient Greek sense of the word: citizens of the world.

Given this, there will have to be a great erasure of nations and borders, an amalgamation of everyone, a synthesis of all differences. This is the only hope of the forces to build their New World. The truth is this is something terrifying – I know this, I felt it too. Without roots, where will I go? Where is my true home?, I asked myself.

The question can put even the best of us in a never ending loop of expectations, searches and slowly burning anxiety. You have to stop that. Breath in and realize the following:

Your birth into this world is the only passport you need, truly, the only passport you ever needed. You were given entrance into this Universe.

You are but a human, a mortal, yes, but you are you and ponder a bit this miracle. Here you are, having the capacity to read, to understand and to think about your life! No other being, as far as we know, can claim such a feat.

Close your eyes. Breath deeply. And visualise the only passport you ever needed: your coming into existence. That is what matters the most. Open your eyes and go visit a new place today, or even an old one – the realization that you need no other passport than your power to be will make any old place anew.


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