fortune dice.jpg

Some people consider fortune a fickle thing that is pretty much random. I beg to differ. Fortune has a sound to it and you can hear it as well.

There’s this wonderful album called Fortune by Robin Guthrie which I wanted to share with you. The music is so calming and yet it has a distinct je ne sais quoi which sounds like from a dream world.

I noticed that having this feeling that allows me to see things in a new perspective, in a different manner, sometimes like for the first time was behind some of my most fortunate decisions ever made.

So, in the hope this will help you find your treasure for today, give it a listen and look around you like you just woken up from the most wonderful dream in which you knew exactly what to do to become more fortunate. Now what is left is seizing these new opportunities you’ve detected in this reverie.

All the best for today and may you find fortune, even under the Black Sun!

via Daily Prompt: Fortune


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