We live in an age where no one truly has a place called home anymore.

The biggest proof for this? Nostalgia is increasingly becoming not a yearning for a place we left but a yearning for a time and space that maybe never existed. We increasingly live in simulacra, in virtual and augmented realities but never in the present, never in the true world. With our eyes constantly in our smartphones, with our hearing bombarded by sounds, voices and music that only we can hear it is only a matter of time until – through full body immersion – we will not live in this world at all.

Ours is the age where we yearn to escape not in another geographical location but in a fictitious one: in the alternative worlds of our favorite movies, TV shows, books and games, in the alternative news that conform to our perceptions, in the alternatives that we can dream for this messed up world.

Truly, in the age of global migrations and massive online presence, there is no territory anymore. Neither are there any maps left, no matter how hard people try to sell you theirs. Breath deeply and look around at the (non) territory in which you dwell. Admit that you are lost. Be liberated.

via Daily Prompt: Territory

P.S. This is my first daily post! Thank you for reading and if you’ve got any feedback or thoughts, if you’ve written something along these lines or completely different, let me know!


One thought on “The Age of Global (Non)Territories

  1. So true, I completely agree with you that there is no territory any more. And that is bringing advantages and disadvantages both. We will be sitting and lost in our online world while the person sitting next to us will be getting bored.

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